A Wintery Tale: The Story Behind A Winter Harbor

It was February 2016 in Valdez Alaska, and the wind felt icy.  The world was black and white as it so often is during Alaskan winters. I was down by the harbor, looking for a harbor seal I had seen hanging around. Just the other day I had seen him sitting on a small ice sheet, fully out of the water. Harbor seals are shy little guys and this was the first time I had seen more than his head. 

In the summertime, this harbor is busy with all sorts of fishing boats, cruise boats, and kayakers. The gulls and eagles stay nearby the fish cleaning stations on the edge of the harbor waiting for scraps of fish. But the harbor seal is nowhere to be found. I am pretty sure he is an introvert.

I went to a little coffee shop within walking distance to warm up my frozen fingers. The cozy little shop was filled with the aroma of roasted coffee. I took my place by the winter, looking out on the wintery world. Still no seal, and I'd already been here for quite a while. 

After finishing my coffee I decided to head over to a different part of the harbor, perhaps he would be hiding there. 

As I waited I looked over the harbor. The view from this angle was amazing. Many fishing boats sat there in silence, waiting for the next fishing season to begin. Some of them looked tired, some regal with their snowy caps. A bit of color caught my eye; a small red crane on the back of a fishing boat.

It turns out, it's great as a canvas wall art. Winter Harbor is the most popular of all the nautical wall art I offer. (Click the link to see the product)

And btw, the harbor seal still comes by ever-so-often to tease me with his beauty, but I have yet to see him sitting on the ice like this again.

What rare thing have you seen only once? Let us know in the comments :)

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